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The 2nd Vaishnava
Arts Festival

May 12-14, 2023

(Mother’s Day weekend: Friday-Sunday)


First off, what is the Vaishnava Arts Retreat? It is a gathering of devotees—or craftspeople working in different media to express their expertise and joys or art and create a calming experience for other devotees to purse art in their practice of bhakti. Stepping back from the demands of every day can inspire leaps in creativity and thus our spiritual life.


Ever had an interest in art but never really dove head first into the experience? This retreat gives you the ability to do that. It is completely possible to learn various forms of art on your own, but it can be a little lonely, and you might lose your motivation halfway through. Here you have the chance to learn alongside others who have the same interests as you. You can learn from each other and bounce around ideas together. You get the chance to  hear the thoughts and opinions of others, really growing in your artistic abilities. Even those who consider themselves a novice to an art form will benefit from trying out something new, or perfecting their skills, on an artist retreat. 


You can finally take a break from your everyday life and slow down for a little while. Take the chance to “get away from it all” and have no worries. Do something you enjoy for a change, and give yourself a break!. Envelope yourself in art, this is a time for self-reflection and peace. Art can be therapeutic and really help you through your troubles. Sometimes it is critical to just be quiet and do some self-reflection so take a break and do something you really love to do.


Your creativity is like a muscle,  the more you use it, the stronger it gets. If you’re going through a creative rut and need a little more motivation, maybe The Vaishnava Arts Festival is what you need. After you spend time using your creativity, and hanging out with other creative people, you will be able to go home with so many new ideas and inspiration.


There are so many reasons that an arts retreat can benefit both artists and non-artists. If you want to learn more about art, give yourself a break, or even strengthen your creativity, this Vaishnava Arts retreat is for you. Take a break! Do something that makes you happy with other devotees that share the same interests as you. Give your artistry a chance to grow and thrive in bhakti!

Each workshop will run from 1 to 2 hours allowing you to participate in multiple workshops each day. Join us for a unique and stimulating weekend!


His Holiness Hrdayananda Swami 


His Grace Vraja Vihari Prabhu


Her Grace Rukmini Priya devi dasi 


His Holiness Bhaktimarga Swami 


Her Grace Ananda Vrindavan devi dasi 


His Grace Kalakantha Prabhu


Her Grace Prabhupada Priya devi dasi 


Workshops offered:


  • Srila Prabhupada: A Shower of Mercy
    by Malati dasi

  • The Art of Balance
    by Vraja Vihari das

  • The Art of Vaishnava Music
    (a Western approach) by Kalakantha das

  • The Power of Story by Sankirtan das 

  • Sing to the Moon - Appreciating Poets and Poetry on the Bhakti Path
    by Ananda Vrindavan devi dasi 

  • The Art of Motherhood (and Fatherhood) by Prabhupada Priya dasi

  • The Art of Playing Mrdanga (traditional approach) by Nitai Prasad das

  • The Art of Pranayama 
    by Nikunja Vilasini devi dasi 

  • The Art of Watercolor Painting
    by the Jamuna devi dasi 

  • The Art of Vaishnava Writing
    by Kalakantha das

  • The Art of Composing Music for Krishna
    by Kripamaya das

  • Removing our Blocks and Drawing our Relationship Maps by Rukmini Priya devi dasi 


The Art of Composing Music for Krishna

In Kripamaya das’s workshop “The Art of Composing Music for Krishna”, participants will learn simple hands on techniques that will help them write their own music for any Krishna Conscious occasion…no previous musical training necessary. Kripamaya das is Srila Prabhupada’s disciple and a summa cum laude graduate from West Liberty University in music and theater. He wrote the book, music and lyrics for the musical, “The Ramayan, Past and Present”, a two-hour musical which opened with a cast of twenty theater/ music majors and faculty from WLU and has been performed to enthusiastic audiences at New Vrindaban, as well as at the Towngate and Kelly Theaters. 

Introduction to Music Theory for Devotees by Kalakantha das 

Improve your devotional music skills by learning simple ways to recognize and understand the musical structure of kirtan.

The Art of Writing Poetry

Learn the personal and practical skills needed to eloquently express devotional realizations.

“The Power of  Story” with Award-winning Author Sankirtana Das

To spread Krishna Consciousness in today's climate, it is imperative to understand the power of story. In Srimad Bhagavatam 3:13:48 Prabhupada writes, “Every one of us is fond of hearing some wonderful narration, but most stories are neither auspicious nor worth hearing because they are of the inferior quality of material nature. . . .  Intelligent persons should therefore hear personally and cause others to hear the descriptive narrations of the Lord's activities, for that will destroy the pangs of material existence.” Storytelling is an age old tool in all cultures around the world.  It is both a technology and art form in itself. This will be a gently interactive workshop.

The Art of Pranayama

Spend time with your breath and learn valuable lessons from it.

Sing to the Moon

Appreciating Poets and Poetry on the Bhakti Path by Ananda Vrindavan devi dasi 

Rukmini Priya devi dasi 


A block is what stops the flow of connection from your heart to another person. Every relationship experiences blocks at some point. They can range from being small irritations to being larger issues. In this workshop, we will explore various blocks that are in our relationships and understand how we can bring more empathy, compassion, and forgiveness into them. 



We are a product of everyone who has ever loved us into being. We are also a product of relationships that have challenged and hurt us. But it’s up to us how we want to reframe and tell our story. Relationships are both challenging and life-giving. As spiritualists, we know that we flourish by the association we keep around us. But it’s also important to take note of what kinds of relationships have formed us until now. 

In this workshop, we will take inventory on all the different relationships we have had and visualize them as our personal “constellation maps”. You will walk away from this workshop with more insight into your personal life and empowerment to reconnect to those relationships that enliven you. 


only $86 for the whole weekend


This year we have upgraded our reservation system to allow guests to book their retreats and accommodations together. Please carefully follow the three steps below to ensure we have all the information to properly welcome you and your party to the retreat at check-in.

Step 1

Choose your room

First, select the number of adults and children in your party. Next, choose how many accommodations are needed. For example, four adult guests and two rooms. 

Step 2

Enter all retreats participants information

After entering your personal details, please add the contact information of any additional adults in your party who will also need a wristband to attend the retreat.

Screenshot (46).png
Screenshot (45).png


Step 3

Add-on: Additional Wristbands

Each accommodation package includes only one paid wristband. Additional wristbands will need to be purchased for each member of your party as an “add-on” for everyone to participate in the retreat. We will only distribute wristbands to those who have paid in advance here. Unfortunately, we cannot offer wristbands the day the retreat begins as we have a limited capacity at our venue.

Screenshot (47).png

If you wish to add additional nights to your booking, please make your request via email in response to your confirmation email.


Have you read all the steps for booking?

If so, click below. 

  • Rama Navami Appearance of Lord Sri Ramachandra
    Mar 30, 5:00 AM
    New Vrindaban, 3759 McCreary's Ridge Rd, Moundsville, WV 26041
  • Vedic bodywork  Thai yoga massage
    Tue, Apr 04
    Apr 04, 7:00 PM – Apr 06, 7:00 PM
    Moundsville, 3759 McCreary's Ridge Rd, Moundsville, WV 26041, USA
    LEARN MARMANI and MERIDIAN METHODS With Muktinath and Serafima “As Mukti describes so well in class, these profoundly balancing healing techniques represent the valuable bridge between the two immense and popular worlds where yoga marries massage!” Tony T. $350 8am-3pm
  • Krishna Bandhu Sanga
    Sat, Apr 15
    New Vrindaban
    Apr 15, 5:00 PM – Apr 16, 6:00 PM
    New Vrindaban, 3759 McCreary's Ridge Rd, Moundsville, WV 26041
  • Nrsimha Chaturdasi
    Thu, May 04
    New Vrindaban
    May 04, 5:00 AM
    New Vrindaban, 3759 McCreary's Ridge Rd, Moundsville, WV 26041, USA
  • Vaishnava Arts Festival
    Fri, May 12
    New Vrindaban
    May 12, 6:00 AM – May 14, 6:00 PM
    New Vrindaban, 3759 McCreary's Ridge Rd, Moundsville, WV 26041, USA
  • The Holy Name Immersion
    Wed, May 17
    New Vrindaban
    May 17, 6:00 PM – May 21, 12:00 PM
    New Vrindaban, 3759 McCreary's Ridge Rd, Moundsville, WV 26041, USA
  • Kirtan Experience
    Sat, May 20
    May 20, 10:00 AM – 8:00 PM
    Moundsville, 3759 McCreary's Ridge Rd, Moundsville, WV 26041, USA
  • 24 Hour Kirtan
    Sat, Jun 17
    New Vrindaban
    Jun 17, 11:00 AM – Jun 18, 12:00 PM
    New Vrindaban, 3759 McCreary's Ridge Rd, Moundsville, WV 26041, USA
  • Snana Yatra
    Sat, Jul 01
    New Vrindaban
    Jul 01, 5:00 AM
    New Vrindaban, 3759 McCreary's Ridge Rd, Moundsville, WV 26041, USA
  • Ratha Yatra in Wheeling
    Sat, Jul 15
    Heritage Port
    Jul 15, 1:00 PM – 5:00 PM
    Heritage Port, Wheeling, WV 26003, USA
  • Summer Camp
    Mon, Jul 17
    Jul 17, 3:10 PM – Jul 22, 2:00 PM
    Moundsville, 3759 McCreary's Ridge Rd, Moundsville, WV 26041, USA
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