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Offer a Prayer


Use this form to offer your prayer

Thank you for submitting your prayer. The next step is simple: wait. Wait for the miracles of prayer to happen. Prayer is powerful.

Vandanam, offering prayers to the Lord, is one of the nine processes of devotional service recommended by Prahlada Maharaja, and throughout the Srimad Bhagavatam, we find many examples of beautiful, heartfelt prayers. Acharyas like Rupa Goswami encourage us to recite notable prayers to the Lord and to also compose our personalized prayers.

These prayers have powerful results. After offering prayers to Lord Nrsimhadeva and Sri Sri Radha Vrindaban Chandra at New Vrindaban, numerous devotees have experienced how major problems in their lives have been solved and how important questions have been answered. Such loving reciprocations with the Lord reinforce our faith and inspire us to come closer to Krishna.

Please take a few moments to sit down, meditate on the Lord, and compose your thoughts into a loving offering. Perhaps you are seeking the Lord’s guidance or shelter in your life, perhaps you want to come closer to Him in service, or perhaps you purely want to glorify His unlimited good qualities. Whatever it is, any connection with the Lord is pleasing to Him, and being pleased, He will certainly please you.

So, offer a prayer today and see what blessings come your way!

Hare Krishna!

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