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Temple/Lodge Reopening Safety Measures


  1. A campus wide mask mandate is in effect immediately. What does this mean? In all enclosed spaces, you will have to wear a mask that properly covers your mouth and nose at all times. The kirtan singer, Bhagavatam speaker and pujaris (priests) will all have to wear masks as well! 

  2. We will be purchasing a large pandal or outdoor tent that will be erected on the island—space between the car parks which will host any large programs, festivals and prasadam—when the weather does not allow for outdoor eating. This will ensure that the temple room does not get overcrowded. 

  3. Guests at the Palace Lodge are expected to show their vaccination certificate upon picking up their keys or showing a negative COVID test result within the last 72 hours—otherwise they will be asked to book a hotel in town and visit the temple during the day. 

  4. All unvaccinated staff members and residents are expected to COVID test every two weeks and present their results to the INV Human Resources Dept. Failure to do so will result in the person being asked to not visit the temple until such measures are followed. 


Pay a visit to the stunning main temple,

New Vrindaban's central shrine of worship.


The temple is open to the public 365 days a year. Worship begins at 5 am, continuing throughout the day, and visitors are welcome to observe at any time. 

Walking through the gigantic temple entrance doors, flanked by two sculpted guards, you’ll feel like you’re entering another dimension.

Inside, marvel at the replication of an ancient Indian temple with twenty-four pillars topped with wood-carved lions leading up to intricately worked ceilings.


Spot the parrots hidden in the four-story-high stained-glass atrium ceiling. The central golden altar, from which the presiding deities of the community give their audience is considered by many to be one of the world’s most beautiful, truly a must-see.


The temple walls are hung with original works of art.  Also on display in the temple room is a priceless, hand-carved, teak-wood festival chariot and an incredibly opulent ceremonial golden swing. The temple is a spiritual oasis – the perfect place to meditate or pray.

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Marble Surface

Daily Temple Schedule

Mangala Arati • Ceremony honoring the Deities, Tulasi and Nrsimhadeva

5:00 am

Maha Mantra Meditation • Guided meditation


Watch milking of the cows at the Cow Barn


Darshan Arati • Greeting the Deities in new dresses


Guru Puja • Honoring ISKCON’s Founder-Acharya Srila Prabhupada


Srimad Bhagavatam • Class and discussion from our sacred scripture


Breakfast Prasadam


Govardhana Parikrama • Saturday and Sunday March to October


Raj Bhoga Arati • Noon worship ceremony

12:30 pm

Altar doors closed • Monday–Friday


Bhagavad-gita class • Saturday and Sunday


Dhoop Arati • Evening worship ceremony


Watch milking of the cows at the Cow Barn


Gaura Arati • Evening worship ceremony


Bhagavad-gita class • Saturday and Sunday


Shayana Arati • Last darshan/viewing of the Deities


Sri Sri Radha Vrindaban Temple

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