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Driving directions to the Palace of Gold, New Vrindaban and the Palace Lodge


Directions: Do not follow your GPS!

  •  Your GPS will guide you to unpaved and unmaintained roads and even cross a river bed. Visitors have experienced dangerous situations!

  •  Use our simple instructions and reach safely on paved roads, maintained also on snow days.


From North, South, East and West:

Please do not enter into your GPS the final destination because you risk that your GPS will take you down a very inconvenient route.

Instead, please first enter “Bethlehem, WV, United States” and drive on Interstate Highways only to reach Bethlehem.

  1. Follow I-70 entering West Virginia

  2. Take I-470 near Wheeling, WV

  3. From I-470 take exit 2 - Bethlehem

  4. In Bethlehem you can use the GPS, if you MAKE SURE that it takes you on the below route.
    The address is: 3759 McCrearys Ridge Rd, Moundsville, WV
    Otherwise follow our directions.
    Watch the odometer for the miles.

  5. From Bethlehem:
    - If coming from North or East turn LEFT,
    - If coming from West/Ohio turn RIGHT
    - Then, at the traffic light turn Right, which is Rt.88 South, follow it until it dead-ends at Rte 250 - 8.5 miles.

  6. Turn LEFT on Rte 250 South towards Cameron - 1,5 miles

  7. After you pass gas station (in Limestone) on the right, Turn LEFT on McCrearys Ridge Road - 3.8 miles. (There is a sign on the corner for Palace of Gold and Krishna Temple)

  8. First you will see the Palace of Gold on the right, The Krishna Temple and the Palace Lodge are 0.3 miles further down on the left.


Download PDF directions for print

  • PDF copy of this page for print: here.

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