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The Divine Protector's appearance

Upcoming Festivals & Events

How would you like to participate?

Sri Nrsimha Udaya Asthmana (All day pujas and offerings) - $15,001
Sri Nrsimha Vastabharana (New outfit and jewelry) - $11,001
Sri Nrsimha Vastra (New outfit only) - $7,501
Sri Nrsimha Altar Renovation - $5,001
Sri Nrsimha Abharana (Jewelry only ) - $3,501
Sri Nrsimha Pushpa Alankara (Flowers) - $2,501
Sri Nrsimha Raja-bhoga (Lunch bhoga offering) - $2,001
Sri Nrsimha Sahasra Nama (1008 names) - $1,801
Sri Nrsimha Kavacham and Kavacha Stotra (Protection Shield) - $1,008
Sri Nrsimha Abhisheka (Bathing of the Lord) - $1,001
Sri Nrsimha Naivedya (various offerings) - $751
Sri Nrsimha Homa (Havan/Yajna) - $501
Sri Nrsimha Ashtottara (108 Names) - $251
Sri Nrsimha Panaka (Jaggery drink offering) - $216
Sri Nrsimha Arati (Lamps) - $108


One time

















Donations over $2500 get a special Altar Box with a small silver deity of the Ugra Nrsimhadev in Mayapur, India. 

Limited to only 20 devotees. 


Sri Nrsimha Udaya Asthmana


Sri Nrsimha Raja-bhoga


Sri Nrsimha Abhisheka


Sri Nrsimha Ashtottara

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Sri Nrsimha Vastabharana


Sri Nrsimha Sahasra Nama


Sri Nrsimha Naivedya


Sri Nrsimha Panaka


Sri Nrsimha Vastra


Sri Nrsimha Kavacham and Kavacha Stotra


Sri Nrsimha Homa


Sri Nrsimha Arati

The wait is finally over! One of New Vrindaban's most cherished and anticipated festivals is finally on our doorstep. New Vrindaban celebrates this most blessed event on Wednesday, 22 May 2024 and Saturday, 25 May with an awe-inspiring two-day festival. If there is one form of Krishna who has a special place in our hearts it is Lord Nrsimhadeva. Lord Nrsimhadeva is appreciated as the divine protector, sheltering the sincere from confusion, hurt and harm in the world. Whether in-person or online, Nrsimha Caturdasi at New Vrindaban truly has opportunities of engagement for everyone. We encourage everyone to take advantage of these extraordinary service opportunities in the spirit of serving Lord Nrsimhadeva for the distinct and steadfast role He plays in our lives. 

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Now more than ever, we find ourselves in tough spaces, living in a world opposed to what we value, yet having to find the faith to practice higher values. Prahlada Maharaja's life is one of courage and ever-growing faith. He wholeheartedly believed that he was exactly where he was meant to be and was fully capable of becoming who the Lord wanted him to be. With Prahlada Maharaja's inspiration, let us use these experiences as opportunities to build faith, and rise above the material expectations which strive to bring us down. 


Prahlada Maharaja's faith is so moving because it is not just in his heart but his consciousness as well, adding awareness and sensitivity to his relationship with Lord Nrsimhadeva. In the 18th chapter of Bhagavad-gita, Krishna states how a person who lives in full consciousness of Him will overcome any and every obstacle in life. There is something in our life which only we can do, which the Lord has entrusted us to do. This is His sign of faith in us, His faith in our potential. Let us have faith in His potency, coming together to glorify Him. 


We look forward to celebrating with you all! 

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