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Thank you for your generous donation to New Vrindaban. Please choose how you wish to have your gift directed.

Cow Seva

$6,501 Provide lifetime care for a cow

$3,501 Donate a cow

$1,501 Adopt a cow

$751    Care for a cow during the winter

$365    Donate a dollar a day for the cows

$216    Feed a cow for one month

$108    Go-puja and feeding the cows for the family

Annadana Prasadam

$1,008 One day, three meals

$551    Sunday feast


Deity Bhoga Seva

$108 Mangala-arati

$251 Breakfast

$351 Raj-bhoga

$108 Afternoon sweets

$201 Dinner


Garland Seva

$3,600 All deities monthly garlands

$251    One day of garlands

$108    Radha Vrindaban Chandra garland

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