This Week at New Vrindaban April 15-21, 2021

Rama Navami April 21, 2021

Schedule 5:00am: Mangala Arati 5:45am: Japa 7:00am: Brushing the Cows 7:30am: Deity Greeting, Guru Puja 8:00am: The Glories of Lord Rama by Gopal Hari Prabhu 9:30am Breakfast prasadam 4.00pm: Rama Bhajans 5:00pm: Abhisheka 6.00pm: The Lilas of Lord Rama 7:00pm: Gaura Arati 7:45pm: Prasadam Feast

Please bring your offerings by 5pm to the Pujari room with disposable containers. The offerings go on the altar so please no dishes/utensils from home.

Srimad Bhagavatam Class Schedule Daily at 8:00am