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With Sacinandana Swami

May 17-21, 2023

(Wednesday night to Sunday noon) 

Insightful teachings, japa workshops, and lots of kirtan with Sacinandana Swami, Gauravani, Acyuta Gopi, Amala Harinam, Kirtan Premi, Gourkrishna and Ananta Gauranga.


Imagine a magical setting where you can immerse yourself, without any distractions, in Krishna’s presence. The idyllic, tranquil countryside of New Vrindaban, away from the noisy and fast-paced city, is the ideal place to unwind and connect with nature, yourself, and Krishna through the holy names. 


After 2022's well-attended Holy Name Experience retreat, New Vrindaban will host “The Holy Name Immersion” facilitated by His Holiness Sacinandana Swami and friends on 17-21 May, 2023—Wednesday night to Sunday—that includes an ecstatic 10-hour kirtan!


Whether you are a new practitioner or staunch follower of bhakti-yoga, the The Holy Name Immersion will help you take further steps in improving your chanting, both in Japa and Kirtan and thereby connecting with the Lord on a deeper level. Your experience will be enhanced in the association of devotees and kirtan lovers who are eager to relish the sweet taste of Krishna’s names. In addition, you will be receiving valuable insights and support from an advanced ambassador of the holy names.  His Holiness Sacinandana Swami will be facilitating the event which will culminate in a 10-hour Kirtan. 

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Dates and Rates
  • Book your four-night accommodation in New Vrindaban’s scenic Palace Lodge,

  • pay a reduced retreat fee

  • includes twelve special prasadam meals,

  • all seminars and the kirtan festival,

  • and an exciting Children’s Camp

Only $149*

(*accommodations booked separately)

If you'd like to find out about a shared room or to purchase a wristband without booking a room,

please call the front desk (304) 843-1600.


Children are permitted to attend the retreat however they are required to have a wristband at full price. 

For those children not attending the retreat, we will have a donation-based Children’s Camp. 

Instructions for booking


This year we have upgraded our reservation system to allow guests to book their retreats and accommodations together. Please carefully follow the three steps below to ensure we have all the information to properly welcome you and your party to the retreat at check-in.

Step 1

Choose your room

First, select the number of adults and children in your party. Next, choose how many accommodations are needed. For example, four adult guests and two rooms. 

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Step 2

Enter all retreats participants information

After entering your personal details, please add the contact information of any additional adults in your party who will also need a wristband to attend the retreat.

Screenshot (44).png

Step 3

Add-on: Additional Wristbands

Each accommodation package includes only one paid wristband. Additional wristbands will need to be purchased for each member of your party as an “add-on” for everyone to participate in the retreat. We will only distribute wristbands to those who have paid in advance here. Unfortunately, we cannot offer wristbands the day the retreat begins as we have a limited capacity at our venue.

Screenshot (39).png

If you wish to add additional nights to your booking, please make your request via email in response to your confirmation email.


Have you read all the steps for booking?

If so, click below. 


Any lodging fee cancellations up to ten (10) days before the retreat will get a 50% refund, on or before May 7. Any cancellations after and including May 8 will not receive any refunds. Retreat fees are non refundable.



Sacinandana Swami has been a monk in the bhakti tradition for 42 years. He is known for his significant contribution to the practice of contemplation and meditation for modern practitioners of bhakti. Sacinandana Swami has published seven books and released two CDs, and offers an array of retreats, seminars, and workshops. Thousands of enthusiastic singers and dancers visit his kirtan concerts. He teaches at the Vrindavana Institute for Higher Education in India and the Bhaktivedanta College in Belgium. Furthermore, Sacinandana Swami serves as the spiritual guide for the Veda Academy, which is active in eight countries, and recently founded the organization, "Yoga Is Music". Fond of India’s sacred pilgrimage sites, he annually goes there to seek personal inspiration. Although his pilgrimages have taken him all over the subcontinent, he is particularly fond of the sacred land of Vrindavan, the birthplace of Lord Krishna.


From His Holiness Sacinandana Swami:

Japa and kirtan retreats are now being conducted in all parts of the world and are becoming more and more sought after by devotees and friends of Lord Krishna. Let me try to explain the magic of such a retreat. It’s a truly transformational experience because the retreat offers much more than just some skills to help you to improve your chanting. It aims at improving your relationship with Radha and Krishna in Their most merciful forms of the Holy Name. Perhaps this is why japa retreats have become so popular. What you can expect from a japa retreat:

- strengthen your inner connection to the Divine Couple Radha and Krishna 
- new insights and techniques in relation to chanting the Holy Names of Krishna 
- a stronger commitment to offenseless chanting of the Holy Names of Krishna 
- breakthrough experiences in chanting the Holy Names of Krishna
- the opportunity to learn how to expand the boundaries of your spiritual life so that you can have deeper and more rewarding spiritual realizations

A personal note: It is a great honor for me to facilitate these japa and kirtan retreats all over the world. I would be most grateful if you come in great numbers so that we can create a powerful sanga (community) of committed chanters.

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