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Tis the season for giving!

For years, Jayasri devi dasi i had encouraged devotees to include Sri Sri Radha Vrindaban Chandra in their holiday gift giving by suggesting items that could be sponsored for Their Lordships. Although she had not been doing this program for a few years, she was inspired to start it again, and this time, she enlisted the help of Anuradha dasi who took the program to a whole new level by setting up an online gift registry. The response was amazing as 55 gifts were listed and all 55 were purchased. Since Krishna eagerly reciprocates with the loving offerings of His devotees, we decided to ask some of the fortunate souls who participated in this program how giving a holiday gift to Sri Sri Radha Vrindaban Chandra made them feel.

The feedback was that it was a “spiritually enriching experience” and “an honor and a privilege.” One participant expressed that she felt giving the Deities a gift brought her “closer in her relationship with Krishna.” She said it was as if Their Lordships’ beloved devotees took her by the hand and pulled her closer to Them. Others valued it as a special “opportunity to serve Their Lordships in a personal way.” Invariably, it was something they would be happy to do again and recommend for others.

Everyone who gave a gift to Sri Sri Radha Vrindaban Chandra also received gifts in return including a beautiful thank you card from Jay Krsna das, Jayasri devi dasi and Mahamani das—the current head pujari, a whole plate of maha-prasada from the raja-bhoga offering, and a piece of jewelry that was personally worn by the Deities. Considering these gifts the unexpected mercy of the Lord, the participants felt doubly blessed.


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