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Live to Give 

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This year, in keeping with the great success experienced last year, the Prabhupada Marathon is being celebrated globally as the “Live to Give” campaign. The global goal is to distribute at 3.0 million Bhagavad Gitas and spread the message of the Gita far and wide. Approximately 125 centers around the world have already pledged to meet a goal for this global campaign. A global celebration of the Bhagavad Gita will happen on December 3, 2022. 


A fire yajña will be conducted at Kurukshetra (India) on Gita Jayanti and special prayers will be chanted for sponsors of a case of Gitas. Here at the New Vrindaban temple we will hold a New Year's Eve fire yajña and the names of all the Gita marathon participants will be read out that evening to invoke auspiciousness for them and their families. 

ISKCON New Vrindaban’s goal is to sponsor 1,000 Gitas this December. Please purchase or sponsor Bhagavad-gitas! Sponsored Gitas will be distributed on your behalf in motels, hospitals, shelters, doctor offices, neighborhood gift-giving, on harinama, etc.

Let us know your address if you prefer to distribute the Gitas yourself.

Please note that shipping is only within the USA.


Get Your Gitas 

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