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Protecting cows is one of the most important activities of the New Vrindaban Community. The Vedas, saints and sadhus, and Lord Krishna Himself proclaim that service and protection of Mother Cow is the greatest solution for mankind’s suffering and is the path to real peace.

Since 1969, the New Vrindaban Community has been protecting and serving its resident cows with a similar standard to what Lord Krishna himself practiced five thousand years ago. They are lovingly cared for through their happy life and are provided with everything they need. In return, they generously provide creamy milk, which is offered daily to the Lord in the temple. The same devotee hands that dress and decorate the Deity, also brush and care for the temple cows.

The New Vrindaban Go-Seva program, started on the order of His Divine Grace A.C. Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada, not only provides milk for the Lord and his pilgrims, but also gives hope by practically demonstrating the divine and harmonious relationship between man and cow for all the world to see. 


“We revere Lord Krishna; His association with cows made us worship them as our mother. Friends, I appeal to you to reflect on whether we should kill our mother cow who gives us milk, essential for our children’s health. Our future generations may not get sufficient milk and yet there are those who would kill the cows. I’m sure that you will contribute your might in stopping such an insane act.”

Narendra Modi– Chief Minister Gujarat

The New Vrindaban Goshala is able to continue its work because of our family of supporters. We invite you to join us and experience profound peace and happiness by becoming a co-carer of cows at New Vrindaban.


The Original and Longest Running Cow Protection Program in the Western World

Give a Cow Sanctuary Gift Today!

100% tax deductible

  • ​​$6,501     Donate a cow and lifetime care

  • $3,501     Donate a cow

  • $1,501     Adopt a cow

  •    $751     Care of a cow during winter

  •    $551     Medical care for a cow

  •    $365     A dollar a day for the cows

  •    $216     Feed a cow for one month

  •    $108     Go-puja and feeding the cows for the family

  •    Any amount you would like to support cow protection

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Meet our cows

Cows and oxen like to respond to their names. A cowherd can go to the pasture and call out a milking cow from a herd. The cowherd might say, “Hari Lila, come and get your grain!” and Hari Lila will be happy to trot right over to get her grain and be milked, while the rest of the cows stay where they are.

Naturally, we all work more enthusiastically when praised for our service. That goes for cows, bulls, and oxen, too. So when we compliment them and pat them under the neck, we use their names.

Using the animals’ names is part of developing a personal relationship with them and seeing them more and more as Krishna’s servants. A similar principle applies in our devotion to God: when we call Him by name, we advance in our personal relationship with Him. (Of course, this is even more true for God than for animals, because His name is eternal and nondifferent from Him.) When we call God by His name, we understand that He is a person, with feelings, qualities, and activities. If I just say “God,” I’m talking about the supreme entity, but according to some concepts, that entity could be just a mass of energy or even a void. But when I say “Krishna” or “Govinda,” I’m speaking about a personal form of the Lord—His eternal, original form, with a specific personality and specific pastimes. I instantly increase my spiritual consciousness by calling the Lord by name.

So along with a name comes a personal relationship. And a personal relationship with Krishna’s cows can help us advance in realizing our personal relationship with the Lord Himself.

Milking cows

Retired & ailing cows

Oxen & babies

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