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Covid-19 has made us realize that what people do in one place can profoundly affect everyone on the planet. We are living in a global village. A single act of terrorism strikes fear in the hearts of millions. Similarly, an act of compassion uplifts all. The pandemic has aroused compassion towards humanity on a global scale. Our hope is that this compassion will live on long after the pandemic subsides and that it will extend beyond humans to all species of life. 

At New Vrindaban, compassion is one of our core values. We live a spiritual lifestyle based on the principle of ahimsa (nonviolence) prescribed by Lord Krishna in the ancient spiritual classic, the Bhagavad-gita. Ahimsa means to not cause unnecessary harm but to try to benefit every living being in whatever way we can. 

By showing more compassion to animals like cows, the whole planet will be benefited. The meat industry and its associated evils such as deforestation, climate change, world hunger, and many forms of disease (Remember, Covid-19 originated from a meat market!) will be stopped in their tracks. 


The Original and Longest Running Cow Protection Program in the Western World

Did you know that cows are valuable for much more than just food? 


Cow manure is the perfect natural organic fertilizer. 

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Cow urine has potent medicinal properties and has been used for centuries in Ayurvedic medicine to treat a wide range of diseases.

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Even to hug a cow is acclaimed for its therapeutic ability to diminish stress and nervous disorders. 


When cows are cared for with compassion, they emanate peace, goodness, wellness, and contentment – qualities which are desperately lacking in many human societies today. 

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It is essentially a working dairy but with a special difference. Not only do we care for our milking cows, but we also look after the older cows that no longer produce milk. This traditional Indian practice is based on a sense of gratitude. Since we are nourished by the cow’s milk, she is like our mother and should be cared for with love until the end of her days. The same goes for the bulls who are like our father because they are engaged in working the land. We show due respect for these sacred animals and never send them to slaughter. Their calves, too, are treated with compassion and allowed to stay peacefully with their mothers. 

By showing compassion to cows, we open up a space in our own hearts for these qualities to grow. And like a tree spreads its roots far and wide, we will affect others with peace and goodness. It is indeed a mystery to Western society how caring for cows can make the whole world happy, but Eastern civilizations like India have known this and practiced it for millennia. We invite you to experience this most simple, most primal, yet most sublime reality for yourself by visiting our cow sanctuary and spending time with our cows. Let your love flow to these benevolent creatures and feel the blessings of the universe flow back to you.  


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