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Ram Navami 2024


Kartik Dipa Dana for a day


Sri Giriraj Govardhan Abhishek


Annadan: Feeding the brahmanas for one day in the month of Kartik


Raj-bhoga sponsorship on Diwali day/Kartik month


Kartik Dipa Dana for the entire month of Kartik


Garland and Jewelry sponsorship for Diwali


Cow care during winter


Sahasra dipalankar (1,000 diyas) on Diwali day


Govardhan decoration and bhoga on Govardhan hill


Donate a cow (Go-dana) in Kartik


Cow and calf care


Lifetime care for cow


Lifetime care for cow and bull

In honor of enacting the lessons Lord Ramachandra has encouraged us to cultivate, we have planned a special Rama yajna to invoke blessings and uplifting grace upon us all. Your presence and participation in this sacred ritual will add to the spiritual sanctity of the celebration. 


Let us come together as a community to glorify Lord Ramachandra and bask in the sacred sanctity and vibrations of the blessed occasion. Through this celebration let us pray to become consistent in quality and character through every aspect of life. New Vrindaban’s celebration will truly be memorable and spiritually uplifting by your presence, participation, and support.

Pilgrim Care Representatives

Contact us for more information


Sri Rupa Das

Minister of Religion


Nikunja Rasa Das

Minister of Religion


Shyama Rasika Devi dasi

Minister of Religion

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