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You are invited to join us for daily japa sessions online. 

Daily sessions can be joined through the EverydayChant conference call for Harinama Japa (mantra meditation) from anywhere in the world. Within any time zone, and from your very own comfort zone, you have the opportunity to drop into a spiritual sanga filled with ISKCON speakers from all over the world who will be available to give Srimad Bhagavatam classes on conference call after the japa period. 


You may stay for as long as you like, chanting as much or as little as you can. We just hope that you will sign-in and chant the holy names with us! It is from the association of such dedicated devotees that we gain inspiration and determination to continue our chanting of the holy names, which is the key to our spiritual success. 


“Although Madhavendra Puri was not interested in eating and sleeping, his interest in chanting the maha-mantra was as acute as if he were an aspiring transcendentalist rather than a paramahamsa. This means that even in the paramahaṁsa stage, one cannot give up chanting. Haridasa Thakura and the Goswamis were all engaged in chanting a fixed number of rounds; therefore chanting on beads is very important for everyone, even though one may become a paramahamsa. This chanting can be executed anywhere, either inside or outside the temple. Madhavendra Puri even sat down in a vacant marketplace to perform his chanting. A paramahamsa devotee is always engaged in chanting and rendering loving service to the Lord. Chanting the Lord’s holy names and engaging in His service are identical”

Srila Prabhupada, Sri Caitanya Caritamrita 4.125

Time: 5:40AM EST USA 



4:10PM IST


Classes on the Conference Call

Speaker: Many ISKCON Senior speakers from all over the world 

Topic: Srimad Bhagvatam 

Date: Everyday

Time: 7:20 AM EST USA



5:50PM IST.

Recording Number:


Code 951546# 



WhatsApp: To be a part of the "EveryDayChant East Harinam" WhatsApp group


Web link to join from  computers:

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