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The temple is open

Due to the diligent efforts of all the devotees, we are now able to open the temple today (which happens to be Divali) at NOON just in time for the all auspicious midday arati. The Lodge, and restaurant will also open and start to take reservations. We look forward to seeing you. Hare Krishna

And oh….Dear Friends, please prepare rice, dahl, halavah, puris, pakora, laddu, rasagullas, sandesh, sweet rice for tomorrow’s Govardhan Puja celebration. .

Two offerings are needed—one for the hill by 11am and tons more for the evening celebration and offering/abhisek to Giriraj. Containers are available.

Jaya Giriraj Maharaj ki Jaya!


Divali and Govardhana Puja Celebrations schedule

November 4

7pm Gaura-arati followed by offering lamps to Damodar

845pm Fireworks and Kirtan

Govardhan Puja

Friday, 5 November

5am: Mangala-arati

730am: Guru Puja

8am: Darshan Arati and Damodarastakam

820am Glories of Govardhana Hill

915am Breakfast prasadam

11am Building the Hill

3pm Ladies Dandavat Parikrama

4pm Bhajans

5pm Abhisek and Kirtan

6pm Govardhan Puja Song and Narration and Bhajans

7pm Arati

745 pm Feast

Please bring your hill decorations by 11am to the temple room

And please bring your offerings for hungry Giriraj by 5pm to the temple room

STRICT MASK MANDATE will be upheld. If you prefer not wearing a mask (and properly) kindly participate in the programs at home via Mayapur TV or Facebook on newvrindaban108


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