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Indian Heritage Fest takes over Heritage Port

WTOV published an article July 17th on New Vrindaban's recent Chariot Street Festival at . Here is a excerpt from that article:

Wheeling, WV -- The Chariot Street Festival took place in front of Wes Banco Arena Saturday, and the organizers of the event had one clear message to spread.

"The message is to bring peace and love and unity not just in Wheeling, WV, not just in the United States, but all around the world we're trying to share a message for peace and for love and for harmony," musical performer Gaura Manidevi said.

That was the goal today for the people in charge of the Chariot Street Festival in Wheeling. Heritage Port was filled with food and clothing vendors for people to enjoy. The main focus of the festival, however, centers around Lord Jagannath, also known as the Lord of the Universe.

"On this day he gets to come out and give everybody his mercy and its very colorful so that's why we have nice offerings to him," event organizer Sachi Mata said. "We have good food. Everything that we serve here has been offered so its not just that you're eating delicious food but you're eating sanctified food stuff."

The parade for Lord Jagannath took place at 5 p.m. He rode in his Chariot around Wes Banco Arena for about an hour to give the festival goers plenty of time to see him. After the parade, a free three-course feast was offered as well. The other main attraction was a musical performance by Grammy nominee Gaura Manidevi, who flew in from India for the festival.

"Our performance is basically Kirtan," Manidevi said. "It's just sharing song, sharing music, sharing a passion, which is love of God. "

Gaura and her daughter performed with the Maha Mantra, which means to spread peace and universal love.


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