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Giving Tuesday

The last five days of Kartik, also known as Bhisma Panchaka, is upon us - it is considered the super sale of this highly auspicious month. Whatever practices and spiritual efforts you can do for these last five days will be considered to have been done the whole month!! Isn’t that amazing?

Start your Bhisma Panchaka by joining friends of New Vrindaban and pilgrims by giving back on #GivingTuesday to your oldest cow sanctuary in the western world and the deities in New Vrindaban - The land of Krishna. Our cows and community need your support more than ever this year, and you can make that difference!

Your donation will directly impact the level of service, care and worship we're able to provide to the whole community of Krishna devotees in the coming year - one that is sure to be challenging.

Thank you!

Please be safe this holiday weekend. Hare Krishna.


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