Updated: Aug 7, 2020

Our First Bhakti Yoga Winter Solstice Retreat

The winter season breezed in, adorned with frost that clung to the edges of the windows, and snow that spread a charming crystal blanket across the grounds. While this can often be a sluggish and sleepy time for the rest of the world, for the New Vrindaban community it becomes a time to take advantage of the long winter nights with cozy gatherings where we can share and gain insight from our reflections in the company of like-minded, sincere, and dedicated souls. 

This year, with that goal in mind, we hosted our first Bhakti Yoga Winter Solstice Retreat. The five day retreat was led by Gloria Baraquio, a bhakti yogi and highly accomplished yoga retreat leader with a heart-warming personality. She found yoga in 2006 after healing from a personal tragedy which ultimately inspired her commitment toward serving each practitioner that she meets by helping them work through not just physical blocks but emotional and mental ones as well. With a 200-hour certificate from Yoga Hawaii and a 300-hour certificate from Ragunnath Cappo and Radhanath Swami at the Govardhan EcoVillage in India, she is a bright soul who loves kirtan, and is dedicated to guiding others so that they may live their highest potential with love, peace, gratitude, and well-being. 

Gloria was accompanied by her friends and fellow yogis, Alex, Rachel, and Max. Alex and Rachel often co-taught classes during the latter days of the retreat, giving an active meaning to the community building aspect of Bhakti Yoga, a principle which underscored the entire retreat experience. Max, who is a full-time volunteer at Ratna Ling, a retreat center in Northern California, spent every day of the retreat doing an astounding six to eight hours of cleaning and various other services in and around New Vrindaban! The team of four consistently showed by their own example the transformative power of entering each new experience with an open heart and a service driven mind-set. 

The power-packed retreat began on Wednesday December 18th, where, after checking in, an intimate group of participants came together for an early evening yoga class and an opening circle where they set their intentions for the duration of the retreat and received an introduction to the program. The night finished with a kirtan that added the perfect amount of sweetness to the end of the day. 

In addition to the many yoga classes and bodywork sessions offered each day, the retreat goers participated in seminars and special events which made this retreat package even more unique. Thursday began with a session that introduced the group to bhakti yoga and offered a deeper understanding of New Vrindaban and its cultural, historical and spiritual relevance. 

Thursday evening, stalwart New Vrindaban community members Lila Sukha Devi Dasi, Jesse, Renee, and Thakura presented a Lila and Kirtan evening in the Yogashala, filled with improvised movement and dance set to music, story-telling with musical accompaniment, bhajans, and of course the sweet and soulful sound of the chanting of the Holy Names.