1st 200 hour Yoga Teacher Training program in New Vrindaban

A 200-hour full immersion Yoga Teacher Training Program concluded a few days ago at New Vrindaban taught by Gopi Manjari Devi Dasi. After an intense 18 days of training, six students went away with not only their well-deserved yoga instructor certificates but also a powerful introduction to Krishna consciousness, a heartfelt connection with Srila Prabhupada, and a memorable experience of bhakti.

Gopi Manjari is a seasoned yoga teacher who runs her own studio called “Bhakti Yoga DC” in the heart of the nation’s capital just five blocks from the White House. As a young woman, she had approached yoga to overcome depression and trauma and felt that yoga saved her life. Since then, it has been her mission to share yoga with others. Having learned from the best teachers, her classes are always filled to capacity with a regular clientele including high level federal government employees, professionals, students, and entrepreneurs.

Her teacher training programs are recognized by the Yoga Alliance and highly acclaimed. For her 200-hour immersion courses, she usually takes her students to distant, exotic places like Govardhana Eco-village in India, or Colombia or Brazil. But due to Covid, she needed to keep it relatively local and decided on New Vrindaban as the venue. Since New Vrindaban had also been hit hard by the pandemic and had been looking for new events, the management happily agreed to host the retreat.