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Updated: Sep 11, 2020

Prabhupada’s Palace Rose Gardens which are more prolific and gorgeous than ever.

One of the positive effects of the coronavirus pandemic has been that people all over the world are appreciating the value of nature. After all, one of the few places that you can still safely go is outside! And with the slowdown of industry and commerce, Mother Earth is making a comeback. In many cities, hazy skies have cleared, murky rivers are flowing purely, and wildlife are returning to their former habitats.

At New Vrindaban, Mother Earth is manifesting an exceptional radiance this year. We see it in our high tunnel greenhouses where the bountiful production of vegetables is unsurpassed. Most of all, we see it in Prabhupada’s Palace Rose Gardens which are more prolific and gorgeous than ever. Although our strained budget has forced us to make cutbacks, we decided that this is Srila Prabhupada’s personal garden and we are going to fully invest in it. Now, that investment has fructified and is in full-bloom!

To celebrate the Rose Garden’s stunning beauty, and to enable you to experience it, we have inaugurated the Rose Garden Brunch. This is an all-new opportunity for you to come enjoy a sumptuous brunch in the middle of the thousands of fragrant roses. 

The menu is a mixture of continental and Indian cuisines including one Indian “street food” item such as puri/subji, parathas, or bada pao – potato fritters in between luscious soft bread with three different sauces. There are always fun foods for kids, too, like mini-pizzas, homemade granola, fresh fruits, milk and yogurt from our cows, and croissants and biscuits with a variety of cheeses and jams.

Food always tastes better in the fresh air, especially with the divine aroma of roses in the air. So, treat yourself to a Rose Garden Brunch. Lean back and make yourself comfortable on garden furniture under the shade of white tent gazebos and let us serve you the finest food from our buffet.

To perfect the ambience, last Sunday, Lilasuka played beautiful bhajans on the harmonium and charmed everyone with her sweet flute playing. The previous Sunday, Devananda brought out his acoustic guitar and enlivened the crowd with rocking Hare Krishna melodies and even took requests for old Beatles songs. Smiles abounded as Kirtan the baby peacock spent the entire brunch entertaining guests by letting everyone touch him, hold him, and take pictures. For a few blissful hours, everyone was able to forget about the chaotic world situation and relish the warmth of one-on-one conversations. The uplifting atmosphere gave reassurance that life can still be joyful, that heart-to-heart exchanges can still be shared, and that things are going to get better. It was yet another reminder that when we connect with Krishna through association with devotees and the holy name, everything brightens up. Good and bad are concepts of the material world, but where Krishna is the center, everything is all-good!

Brunch is $35 a head for adults and $20 for children.

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