Mother's Day Retreat

If the holidays – or a global pandemic – have derailed your healthy habits or have left you in extra need of a serious unwind, ladies, check out our dreamy wellness retreats to restart travel, and the rest of your life, with your best foot forward.

This wellness retreat in New Vrindaban fulfills the promise of its moniker, as you’ll discover a mere day or two in when your blood pressure goes down, your posture straightens and you’re practically levitating from your bed with positive endorphins.

Mama’s—you deserve this! Enjoy the association of Kunti Devi Dasi and Madhvacarya Das from DC, a fabulous couple who are senior disciples of HH Bhakti Tirtha Swami. In addition, also relish the association of other senior disciples of Srila Prabhupada from New Vrindaban.