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Get your curiosities answered with our guide to Who's Who & What's What— an intro to give one a better understanding of the sights and sounds that one may encounter here in New Vrindaban.

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New Vrindaban has an offering of numerous diverse retreats, all meant to nourish your soul and give you an experience of a healthy, sustainable and spiritually based lifestyle. Learn about bhakti yoga; holistic hatha yoga; philosophy; kirtan; personal development; sustainability; Ayurveda; vegetarian lifestyle; and so much more…

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Join japa sessions online and chant with others from all corners of the world.  Within any time zone, and from your very own comfort zone, you have the opportunity to drop into a spiritual sanga filled with ISKCON speakers from all over the world who will be available to give Srimad Bhagavatam classes on conference call after the japa period.​ It is from the association of such dedicated devotees that we gain inspiration and determination to continue our chanting of the holy names, which is the key to our spiritual success.

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Take your spiritual life to the next level! Come and experience life at New Vrindaban and live alongside our resident members where you will experience the benefits of simple living and high thinking and gain a deeper understanding of bhakti yoga. Participate in our early morning devotional program; daily meditation practices; discussions; and engage in practical temple seva (devotional service). Living in this spiritual setting will help you to deepen your knowledge, strengthen your faith and build friendships that will last a lifetime.

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Join us here in New Vrindaban for our morning services or via livestream on Mayapur TV (find New Vrindaban among the channels listed)

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Host a home program with our New Vrindaban temple priests and by doing so secure blessings for all areas of your family life. We invite you to contact the New Vrindaban community so that we can facilitate you in turning your home into the direct abode of the Lord. One of our priests will come to your home with everything needed to bring Krishna to you and your family. For more info, email us or call Nikunjaras das at 304-312-6539.


The Bhakti Community is a unique online community that welcomes those who are new to the path of Bhakti. This virtual community gives you access to a storehouse of devotional knowledge and wisdom practices as well as connection with fellow seekers and sages, from all over the world.

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Join us here in New Vrindaban for daily classes or livestream online at Mayapur TV (find New Vrindaban among the channels listed)

Srimad Bhagavatam Class— Daily

8:00 - 9:00 am

Bhagavad-gita Class— Daily

7:30 pm

Bhagavad-gita Class— Sat & Sun

1:00 pm 


Srila Prabhupada’s vision for New Vrindaban included the establishment of cow protection; self-sufficiency; a holy place of pilgrimage and spiritual education, while at the same time always focusing on loving Krishna. Every department in New Vrindaban today focuses on one or more of these five aspects.  If you have a particular interest in any one or more of these five topics and would like to find out what service you can offer in that regard, please contact:


Online Programs:                                            

  • New Vrindaban (which links??)

  • Reading Srila Prabhupada's Books (which links?? Vanipedia? Shik? Online college?)



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