New Vrindaban has had a focus on farming and rural food security for many years, as Srila Prabhupada earmarked this New Vrindaban project as an example of sustainability to the world. 

NV Expansive Garden.jpg

We are currently working towards sustainable organic agriculture. We have a community garden underway and many of the residents also maintain their own gardens as well.

NV Personal Gardens.jpg

On the way to the Goshala, our cow sanctuary, you’ll see the Garden of Gratitude where we grow many of the flowers that we use for our daily temple programs. 

NV Garden of Gratitude.jpg
NV High Tunnel Retreat.jpg

Further afield, we have two fully operational high-tunnel greenhouses which are 20 feet tall and 120 feet long. These enable us to grow vegetables to provide for our community for ten months of the year, despite the cold West Virginia winters. 

NV High Tunnel.jpg

We also have our own Ghee Factory where we produce and bottle our own ghee from fresh milk cream. Ghee is known for its health benefits in cooking and Ayurvedic medicine and is also used in various ways in temple ceremonies. 


Contact Moksha for a guided tour of our gardens and other sustainability projects.

Call 352-215-5625.


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