Any person who ever visits our temple should feel so personally welcomed that they feel they have made a true friend.

The Pilgrim Care Department consists of ministers and volunteers who receive guests from all over the world and see to their needs, ensuring that they have a favorable experience, taking care of them spiritually and encouraging them in their Krishna consciousness.  Read on for details about members of this department.


Department Head

Nikunja Ras Das

Nikunja Ras Das, a disciple of His Holiness Radhanath Swami, has a bachelor’s degree in computer applications with a double diploma in business management and electronic engineering. He also has IT certifications at Microsoft and CISCO, IT-audit certifications at ITIL V3, and has had many head IT management roles and responsibilities. Nikunja Ras joined ISKCON in 2009 and was actively involved in the Bloomington Illinois Bhakti- vriksha congregation program. Thereafter, he served in Washington DC and Baltimore temples, and from 2011 to 2015 profusely distributed Srila Prabhupada’s books to motels with his wife, Shyama Rasika Devi Dasi, which was recognized by ISKCON worldwide. In 2015, Nikunja Rasa retired to ISKCON New Vrindaban where he is well known for expanding the congregation base by creating new members and effectively maintaining old relations. He has travelled widely and receives and takes care of guests and pilgrims from all over the world.




Minister of Religion

Sri Rupa Das

Sri Rupa Das joined ISKCON Juhu in Mumbai in 1989 and served as a manager for the kitchen, prasadam distribution, and purchases. Before joining the temple, he worked as an assistant manager in the Cooperative Bank. In 2015 he joined ISKCON New Vrindaban, serving as a Minister of Religion. He is well known for cultivating new families that visit New Vrindaban. He is a disciple of His Holiness Bhakti Swarup Damodar Goswami.




Minister of Religion

Shyama Rasika Devi Dasi

Shyama Rasika Devi Dasi, a disciple of His Holiness Radhanath Swami, serves as a Minister of Religion with her husband, Nikunja Ras Das. She is well known for her successful book distribution by installing over 2500 Bhagavad-gitas in motels all over the US. In addition, her excellent preaching efforts maintain positive relations with donors while she introduces new donors to the community. As part of introducing new donors, Shyama Rasika conducts home programs, cultivates new devotees, and trains women to practice bhakti-yoga at home. She is also recognized for hosting “Everyday Chant,” a japa conference call for the past 10 years with 800 members worldwide.



Subhananda1 copy.jpg

Minister of Religion

Shubananda Das

After completing a diploma in Homeopathic Medicine and a bachelor’s degree in Social Sciences, Shubananda joined ISKCON Ujjain in 2004 and then studied a youth preaching course in ISKCON Pune in 2007. There he served in various capacities for 13 years under the guidance of his spiritual master, His Holiness Bhakti Charu Swami. He served as temple commander and guesthouse manager, receiving his first training and experience in guest care. He was also the gift shop manager and manager of Govinda’s Restaurant. Thereafter he became a temple counsellor and a member of the Temple Executive Committee. In 2017, Subhananda moved to ISKCON New Vrindaban and has been serving as Minister in the Pilgrim Care Department, taking care of visitors’ needs and cultivating interested candidates in bhakti-yoga.




Minister of Religion

Amita Das

Amita Das completed his bachelor’s degree in business studies and joined ISKCON in 2008 in Nepal. As a disciple of His Holiness Mahavishnu Swami (England), he served in ISKCON Kathmandu as head pujari and harinama sankirtan leader. Since 2017 he has been serving as Minister of Religion in the Pilgrim’s department in New Vrindaban, visiting families in the community and encouraging them in their Krishna consciousness. He speaks Nepali, Hindi, and English.


304 312-4177


Minister of Religion

Sri Badarayani Das

Sri Badarayani Das 


304 312-6539

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