Tag, You're It!

Tag, you’re it!                                                                                 4-12-14

(or, New Vrindaban's lone male swan gets a mate)

by Gopisa das

In the time honored traditions of ISKCON days gone by, Malati Prabhu was set on finding a suitable mate for Sriman Hamsaraj. This new mate’s qualities must be just so; good breeding, young but experienced, attractive, loyal to a fault and above all a good swimmer.

New Vrindaban Grows Through Care and Communication

New Vrindaban Grows Through Care and Communication

by Madhava Smullen

Since moving back to New Vrindaban three years ago, Lilasuka Dasi has used her people skills to inspire residents to care for each other and communicate positively with one another. This, she feels, is the key to the community’s recent attempt at rebuilding and growth.

Originally from Toronto, Lilasuka first lived in the rural West Virginia community between 1980 and 2000, teaching at the day school there.

Three New Baby Calves Born at New Vrindaban Goshalla

Calves are very special living entities, and they have their own personalities, just like people do!

Last Friday, March 7, 2014, mother cow Anjali had a baby boy calf, who was named Amani. He was very strong right from birth, and there were absolutely no problems.  He began nursing immediately and was quite sociable, after standing up and moving around the calf pen near his mother.